Instrumentation and Controls (12 companies found)

  • Encore Electronics Inc

    Encore Electronics is a manufacturer of specialty electronics, custom wired cabinets and control panels for the measurement of dynamic pressure, strain, temperature and vibration signals.
  • SEC of America Inc.

    Rotating equipment is key to your business, and vibration is the "voice" of rotating equipment. Our solutions help you monitor your rotating machines. SEC of America develops and sells vibration monitoring sensors, software, and solutions for industrial customers of all sizes. Contact us today...
  • RDI Controls LLC

  • Sohre Turbomachinery Inc.

    Shaft Earthing Brushes: More than 2,000 Sohre shaft grounding brushes have been installed and are being used in many kinds of rotating equipment and can also be used for instrument signal transmission and generator or electric motor on-line diagnostic work. These brushes are self cleaning, can run dry, partially, or...
  • Mitchell Instrument Co.

  • Rotadata Ltd



  • Dee Tech Services

  • Harder Mechanical Contractors