Expansion Joints (14 companies found)

  • Croll-Reynolds Co Inc

    Croll Reynolds is a leading supplier of Vacuum Systems to the world’s process industries.
  • Thorburn Flex

  • Frenzelit North America

  • Clyde Bergemann Auburn

    Expansion Joints: Clyde Bergemann offers both metallic and non-metallic expansion joints in a wide range of styles, designs and materials. Depending on the specific application, certain types of joints will be appropriate to the particular design conditions and requirements.
  • Braden Manufacturing

    Braden Manufacturing LLC engages in the design, manufacture, installation, and retrofit of auxiliary equipment for gas turbines. The company offers gas turbine inlet and exhaust systems, diverter dampers, exhaust stacks, inlet silencers, filters, filter houses, expansion joints, exhaust plenums...
  • FlexFab Niagara Inc

    Patented 'STEP' GT Exhaust Expansion Joints: Rectangular Expansion Joint with Acoustic Enclosure Seal
  • Senior Flexonics Pathway Inc

    Design and manufacture of engineered metal expansion joints for pressure piping applications, fabric expansion joints for flue gas applications, damper products including louver, guillotine, butterfly type for control and isolation of flue gas, diverter dampers for control of gas turbine...
  • EagleBurgmann Co. Ltd

    Mechanical Seals
  • Cain Industries

  • EagleBurgmann EJS - Expansion Joint Solutions

    Expansion Joint and related services for power generation, oil, gas and petrochemical refining equipment.