Exhaust Stack (6 companies found)

  • Camfil

    Manufacturer of HEPA/ULPA filters, terminal housings, bag-in/bag-out housings, carbon and ASHRAE filtration
  • ATCO Emissions Management

    Heat Recovery Systems: Give your bottom line a boost, with our new Heat Recovery systems. •Improve your plant’s efficiency •Increase power output •Reduce noise, NOx/CO emissions Our experienced Heat Recovery product team has designed and supplied over 100 units to a variety of industries around the globe....
  • Clyde Bergemann Auburn

    Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems and Components : Features •Exhaust systems for simple-cycle and combined-cycle •Finite Element Analys (FEA) and 3D modeling of designs to ensure performance •Systems may be supplied as entire units, or as individual components •Custom engineering to accommodate unique requirements of each installation...
  • Braden Manufacturing

    Braden Manufacturing LLC engages in the design, manufacture, installation, and retrofit of auxiliary equipment for gas turbines. The company offers gas turbine inlet and exhaust systems, diverter dampers, exhaust stacks, inlet silencers, filters, filter houses, expansion joints, exhaust plenums...
  • Industrial Acoustics Company Limited

    Founded in 1949 - the world's largest provider of noise and acoustic control products, structures and test facilities.
  • Cain Industries