Acoustic Enclosures (7 companies found)

  • Camfil

    Manufacturer of HEPA/ULPA filters, terminal housings, bag-in/bag-out housings, carbon and ASHRAE filtration
  • Aeroacoustic

    The Aeroacoustic Corporation has over 60 years experience in providing enclosures and associated ventilation systems for Gas Turbine applications. With two US manufacturing facilities to serve our clients, competitive pricing and quick deliveries assures keeping your project on track.
  • ATCO Emissions Management

    Acoustic Equipment Enclosure: With over 700 acoustical enclosures installed worldwide and a 100% successful delivery and performance record, ATCO Emissions Management’s acoustic equipment enclosures are available whenever and wherever you need them - and at affordable prices. Our proprietary line of Noise ManagementTM...
  • Industrial Acoustics Company Limited

    Founded in 1949 - the world's largest provider of noise and acoustic control products, structures and test facilities.
  • Consolidated Fabricators, Inc.

  • Vibra-Metrics Inc

  • Sound Construction & Engineering