Products in the Gas Turbine Marketplace

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  • Acoustic Buildings By ATCO Emissions Management

    For acoustic buildings guaranteed to meet your noise emissions compliance targets, ATCO Emissions Management has been the supplier of choice for over 20 years across multiple industries and in 34 countries around the globe. Acoustic Building Applications •​Compressor Stations •Oil Pump... Read More
  • Acoustic Equipment Enclosure By ATCO Emissions Management

    With over 700 acoustical enclosures installed worldwide and a 100% successful delivery and performance record, ATCO Emissions Management’s acoustic equipment enclosures are available whenever and wherever you need them - and at affordable prices. Our proprietary line of Noise ManagementTM... Read More
  • Aero-derivative Gas Turbine Packages By PW Power Systems, Inc.

    PW Power Systems offers gas turbine packages from 30 MW to 140 MW in single and dual arrangements. Read More
  • Aerospace & Gas Turbine Test Equipment By Froude Inc.

    Froude Hofmann designs and manufactures a range of dynamometers, control systems and test equipment specifically designed for the discerning world of Gas Turbine testing. Applications include research and development, production and post overhaul testing, with Froude Hofmann products being the... Read More

    The AGV10 Fuel Metering Valve is intended to meter fuel for turbines in the horsepower range of approximately 850HP to 5000HP. This intelligent fuel valve includes a built in flow meter for flow measurement and condition monitoring. Read More

    The AGV50 Fuel Metering Valve is intended to meter fuel for turbines in the horsepower range of approximately 5,000HP to 60,000HP. This intelligent fuel valve includes a built in venturi based flow meter providing a very accurate calculation of fuel flow. Read More

    Principle of Operation Fans draw (or force) air over a highly efficient heat transfer surface. Hot fluid flowing through the tube rejects heat to the air. Heat exchangers can be configured for vertical up airflow (standard) or horizontal airflow (optional). Simple Standards, Endless Options At... Read More
  • Allis-Chalmers - 3750 Kw Back Pressure Steam Turbine Generator Set By Belyea Company Inc

    Mach: 32866 One (1) 3750 Kw Back Pressure Steam Turbine Generator Set Serial Number: 10714 Steam Turbine: Manufacturer: Allis-Chalmers Turbine Serial Number: 10714 Rating: 3000 Kw Maximum Rating: 3750 Kw Inlet Steam: 360 Psig/720 Deg F Exhaust Steam: 40 Psig Maximum Inlet Steam Flow:74,000... Read More
  • Anti-Icing Systems By ATCO Emissions Management

    Gas Turbine Inlet Anti-Icing Systems The ATCO Emissions Management anti-icing system prevents frost and ice formation on inlet components to protect the gas turbine, and prevent pressure drop buildup. Icing can damage blades, filter elements and other vital parts even in temperatures above... Read More
  • API Thread Grinding / Profile Grinding Wheels By Dianamic Abrasive Products, Inc.

    DIANAMIC® manufactures single layer Diamond and cBN API Thread Grinding Wheels and Profile Grinding Wheels. API thread grinding wheels are used to manufacture carbide inserts used by the petroleum industry. Profile grinding wheels are used to grind very specific forms used in the manufacture... Read More
  • Automated Residual Stress Mapping By Proto Manufacturing

    Proto’s Automated Residual Stress Mapping technology can generate a comprehensive picture of the residual stress state of any sample. Even curved surfaces such as welds can be automatically mapped allowing designers and engineers to visualize and manage problem areas. Automated stress mapping... Read More