Gilbert DiMaio selected to help lead Barton Malow in Virginia as Project Director

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RICHMOND, Va., March 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- For Gil DiMaio, Barton Malow's new Project Director in Virginia, the value of growth is unparalleled. "I had a pretty humble beginning," says DiMaio who first entered the scene after graduating from Saint Anselm College with a degree in Urban Planning. After getting to work on the Federal Home Loan Bank Board Building in 1974 via a General Services Administration (GSA) contract, he started to fully realize his professional path as the industry saw massive change. "The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was in its infancy and having interactions with it was vital," says DiMaio, who was then encouraged to take part in one of the first construction management programs in the country at the University of Maryland. DiMaio would be a mainstay in the construction industry ever since.

Project Director Gilbert DiMaio

The Path to Barton Malow

Before arriving at Barton Malow, DiMaio spent 33 years at family-owned The Pike Company where he was last the Vice President of Business Development. As a leader within the company, he credits projects like a massive nursing home program for the Catholic Archdioceses of New York and the revamping of New York Chiropractor College were instrumental in propelling his career.

After working on many industry firsts like a design-build project with Amtrak that modernized Penn Station in 1984, he's excited to be part of Barton Malow's innovative mindset. "One of the many things that pulled me to Barton Malow was their focus on being on the cutting-edge of construction," says DiMaio. "Innovation is something we at Barton Malow don't just talk about—we do it."

While the innovative focus of the company was a push for DiMaio, his decision to join Barton Malow was cemented by meeting CEO Ryan Maibach, COO Chuck Binkowski, Director of Workforce Engagement Tom Porter and Director of Employee Relations Lisa Tolbert. "They blew me away," DiMaio says. "Talking about the industry from their point of view and the goals they've set was something I wanted to be a part of." In addition, DiMaio notes that Senior Project Director Daniel Buchta and Senior Vice President Bob Grottenthaler were instrumental in attracting him to the company's Virginia presence.

Achieving Success in Virginia

As Project Director, DiMaio believes a strong culture of collaboration and support is crucial in his new role. "We want to bring everyone we work with together—from subcontractors to architects—to bring the best ideas to fruition," says DiMaio. And when talking about how he aims to lead Barton Malow in the region, he's notes the opportunities ahead of him: "We've got a chance to grow our presence in Virginia, and I believe it can be done by embracing the company's vision and mission, in addition to holding steadfast to our principles of serving people, projects and communities."

AboutBarton Malow Company:Founded in 1924, Barton Malow Company is a 100% American-owned contractor serving North America in market specialties that include commercial, industrial, education, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, sports, and entertainment facilities. With more than 2,000 employees and 15 offices, the company's core purpose is to Build with the American Spirit: People, Projects and Communities.

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