Product Spotlight
  • Available from American Chemical Technologies, Inc.

    Introduced by American Chemical Technologies, Inc. (ACT) in the 1990’s, non-aqueous fire resistant EcoSafe® FR fluids are proven solutions for applications fire resistance combined with premium lubrication performance. These polyalkylene glycol-based hydraulic fluids are inert to water, solving... Read More
  • Available from Belyea Company Inc

    Mach: 32866 One (1) 3750 Kw Back Pressure Steam Turbine Generator Set Serial Number: 10714 Steam Turbine: Manufacturer: Allis-Chalmers Turbine Serial Number: 10714 Rating: 3000 Kw Maximum Rating: 3750 Kw Inlet Steam: 360 Psig/720 Deg F Exhaust Steam: 40 Psig Maximum Inlet Steam Flow:74,000... Read More
Top Companies
  • American Chemical Technologies, Inc. (ACT) is at the forefront of synthetic lubrication technology. We continue to create, deliver, and technically support high performance solutions that extend equipment life, reduce operating expense and help protect the environment. Today, polyalkylene glycol... Read More
  • Belyea buys, refurbishes and resells major pieces of electrical power equipment, including circuit breakers, transformers, generators and turbines. Belyea works extensively with the electric utility industry assisting in the divestiture of generators and turbines. Belyea has the largest... Read More